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Day 51 – February 20, 2012

My best friend came to visit this weekend, and we pulled out my old Lego Mansion that we used to play with all the time when we first met, 18 years ago. The Lego people were showing their age with their worn faces and faded clothes. I loved this thing so much, I still can’t get rid of it. It’s still fun to build all the rooms. Legos are almost therapeutic. 

Day 15 – January 15, 2012

Being out of the house all day long is a rare thing for me. However, my Grandma is visiting for a few weeks, and today we spent the whole day shopping. Not the norm for me, but very fun. So what do you do after you get home from shopping all day long? Open a bottle of wine of course. I was able to catch a few bubbles as they made their way to the top of my glass.