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Day 296 – October 22, 2012

It’s my husband birthday, and to celebrate his 25th year I named a star for my adorable astrophotographer.  At night we tried to find it in the sky.  We got the general location down, but we couldn’t really see it.  It was too bright in the backyard.  But we know it’s up there – it’s just southeast of the bottom of the small cluster of stars, in the top left of the photo. 


Day 251 – September 7, 2012

I wanted to do a little night photography today, I really liked the way this one turned out.  A street lamp turned intense flame on the left, a plane on the right, and some sort of circular lens flare at the top.

Day 218 – August 5, 2012

For anyone who has been following me for a while, you probably recognize these twin palm trees.  They are part of the view from my back yard, and have been featured in a couple shots so far this year.  However, they have never been featured with such beautiful colors.  For some reason the sunset was super gorgeous tonight and this 20 second exposure proved it by capturing these amazing colors and super bright planet and/or star (not sure).

Day 112 – April 21, 2012

I was saving my image for the day for late tonight during a meteor shower we were going to be having.  While I did spot several meteors with my eyes, I wasn’t lucky enough to capture any with my lens.  I did get a few good photographs though.  This one was my favorite.  This was a 4 min 48 second exposure.

Day 89 – March 29, 2012

I had a a lot of fun camping and shooting last night.  Some clouds rolled in and covered up a lot of the stars.  But the moon and a few bright stars still shined through the clouds to be in my photographs.  This was my favorite picture from the night.