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Best Evening View Of Mercury – Feb. 13, 2013

Mercury - BlogThe 2nd “Must See Stargazing Event of 2013” is between February 2 and 23.  It’s the best evening view of Mercury.     My husband captured it on February 13th.  It’s that little red dot in the middle. 


Day 355 – December 20, 2012

Day 355

Today started with us beginning our trek across the country to the east coast. We drove straight, 37 hours, until we arrived.  This is Mount Humphreys in Flagstaff, Arizona.  This was also the first snow we’d seen all season. 

We’re back from vacation, and we’re pretty much settled, so I’m going to start the process of uploading the last week and a half of daily pictures from my 366 project.  

Day 341 – December 6, 2012

Day 341

We had a super pink sunset tonight.  I was sitting at my desk working, when the house started turning pink.  I grabbed my camera and ran outside.  

Day 334 – November 29, 2012

How many people get to drive by random jets while running their errands?

Day 327 – November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving day on the beach.  I’m definitely thankful for the beach and ocean.   

Day 326 – November 21, 2012

I love the palm trees next to the Christmas tree.  It may be Christmastime, but it’s still 80 degrees :)

Day 320 – November 15, 2012

Completely gray days are REALLY rare over here in the desert.  Under 10 days a year.  I was really sleepy today, even though I got a good nights sleep.  And I was unmotivated.  I’m blaming it on this stupid grey weather.  The sun was trying so hard to peak through.

Day 309 – November 4, 2012

Sunday Drive

Day 308 – November 3, 2012

The three wise men. 

Day 306 – November 1, 2012

It’s hard to remember it’s fall when our leaves don’t change.