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Best Evening View Of Mercury – Feb. 13, 2013

Mercury - BlogThe 2nd “Must See Stargazing Event of 2013” is between February 2 and 23.  It’s the best evening view of Mercury.     My husband captured it on February 13th.  It’s that little red dot in the middle. 


New Project – 13 Stargazing Events in 2013

My husband has come up with a new project for us this year.  As some of you may remember from following my 366 Project last year, my husband is obsessed with the night sky.  He found this list on Facebook and decided to shoot all the events:

13 Events

So we started this project on January 21, with The Jupiter/Moon Conjunction.  We’re collaborating, my husband is taking the pictures and I’m doing all the ‘behind the scenes’ work.

Moon and Jupiter for blog

Day 296 – October 22, 2012

It’s my husband birthday, and to celebrate his 25th year I named a star for my adorable astrophotographer.  At night we tried to find it in the sky.  We got the general location down, but we couldn’t really see it.  It was too bright in the backyard.  But we know it’s up there – it’s just southeast of the bottom of the small cluster of stars, in the top left of the photo. 

Day 262 – September 18, 2012

The moon is just a sliver tonight.  

Day 89 – March 29, 2012

I had a a lot of fun camping and shooting last night.  Some clouds rolled in and covered up a lot of the stars.  But the moon and a few bright stars still shined through the clouds to be in my photographs.  This was my favorite picture from the night.