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Day 346 – December 11, 2012

Day 346

This was the very first roll of film I ever took for my first Photography course.  This little roll of film is what started it all.


Day 307 – November 2, 2012

Day 242 – August 29, 2012


Day 237 – August 24, 2012

My newest adoption.  It spent many years working for a Navy Photography Lab in Washington D.C. back in the early to mid 1980’s.  And since it’s older than me, I’m calling it vintage :)  Before the end of this project I’m hoping to get a daily picture out of it.  P.S. Thanks Ken!

Day 230 – August 17, 2012

Another shot in film!  One of my favorite hikes in Sedona is up to Fay Arch.  It’s just breathtaking.  

Day 229 – August 16, 2012

Today is our first full day in Sedona.  We did some hiking and I passed this amazing, shiny, layered rock on one of our hikes.  This is also the first photo from this daily project that was taken with film!  I wanted to get at least one shot taken in film for this project.  

Day 28 – January 28, 2012

Looking at some old 110 negatives of pictures I took when I was 13. Film will still always be my greatest love.