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Day 339 – December 4, 2012

Day 339

A lazy day in the reflection of a dusty Christmas ornament – me in my PJ’s and the pups hanging around in my office with me.


Day 330 – November 25, 2012


Day 324 – November 19, 2012

What are you making for breakfast Mom?

– I’ll be in California for Thanksgiving, from tomorrow til either Friday or Saturday.  So I’ll be posting the photos from this week, next week… Monday or Tuesday probably. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! –

Day 310 – November 5, 2012

She loves secret places. 

Day 300 – October 26, 2012

Orange faces watching the fire crackle and draw. 

Day 277 – October 3, 2012

At one of the dozens of rest areas we stopped at.  This was by far the coolest dog area out of all of them. 

Day 222 – August 9, 2012

Lizzie is just the best.  She always poses for me and she’s so patient about it.  Her eyes look like two mirrors.  You can see me and my camera really clearly in both her eyes.  

Day 207 – July 25, 2012

My camera’s self-portrait, with mirrors.
Which resulted in Lizzie’s full portrait and half of me. 

Day 103 – April 12, 2012

Our cucumber’s leaves are gigantic.

Day 87 – March 27, 2012

This is Elizabeth.  The first thing that I loved about her was her big puppy eyes, and the perfect white stripe between those eyes.  She also had one black whisker, which was cool.

Elizabeth licks all the time.  And I mean all the time.  She’ll lick you  until she’s out of breath, then lick some more.  She also turns her head back and forth when you talk to her, like she’s really trying hard to understand you.  I took this photograph with a straight line purposefully in the background, so you can tell how she turned her head while I was asking her to pose.  I love my dogs.