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Day 361 – December 26, 2012

Day 361

The first shot with my new Christmas present – a 50mm f/1.8 lens.


Day 337 – December 2, 2012

Day 337

Guess what I learned how to do today!?  I’m guessing this won’t be my only heart bokeh picture before the month is over.  I love photography!

(This is the shot straight from the camera)

Day 332 – November 27, 2012

Sugar, corn starch, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, Red number 4, Blue number 7, Yellow number 3 – why are you so good?

Day 317 – November 12, 2012

My husband’s mom died when he was young.  I never got a chance to meet her.  This is her box of embroidery threads.  I knew that we would have gotten along just fine when I saw this; I have a box of my own that looks just like this.  :) 

Day 264 – September 20, 2012

My Nana still had her colored pencils from her one semester in art school in the early 1940’s.  She decided to go to secretarial school instead so she’d be able to get a job.  She said she wished she’d stayed in art school though.  She never used these again.

Day 260 – September 16, 2012

You’d think I was a painter.

Day 183 – July 1, 2012

Tried my first water droplet dancing/jumping type photograph today.  I used some crazy colored paper to try to make it more interesting.  Any tips for creating crazy, cool water droplet photographs?