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Day 196 – July 14, 2012

  Since this is probably the 10th day this year that we’ve had clouds, I took advantage of it.  A bit like my Day 3 shot but these clouds were too cool to pass up.  

Day 187 – July 5, 2012

Last night while we were watching the fireworks, I realized that on the opposite side of the sky there was a full moon.  So I decided that tonight I would try to get a nice shot of the full moon.  There were even clouds left over from yesterday’s monsoon.  So with the help of my astrophotographer husband, we took this 1.3 second long exposure.     

Day 184 – July 2, 2012

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a picture of these crossed palm trees.  There even happened to be a few clouds in the valley today, which added to the photo. 

Day 151 – May 30, 2012

Our vacation ended today.  We flew back to Arizona.  I wanted to begin and end my vacation days with shots from 32,000 feet in the air.  

Day 142 – May 21, 2012

We left Bermuda today, and it was a full day at sea as we headed towards Boston, Massachusetts.   I love that you can see the curve of the Earth in this picture.  

Day 139 – May 18, 2012

Today was a full day at sea.  It was windy, rainy, and the waves were super choppy.  I even got a little seasick.  So on our lazy day at sea, there wasn’t too much to do, since the outside decks were closed, we stayed indoors most of the day, and for those who weren’t in a Dramamine induced coma we played games and watched TV.   I took this photo from my stateroom window.  

Day 134 – May 13, 2012

My husband and I flew to Baltimore, Maryland today to start our summer vacation.  This is the first picture for this project that I didn’t take with my DSLR.  I used my Droid 4’s camera, since I had my DSLR packed in the overhead compartment.  

[side note: I’m officially back and I’ve begun uploading the last few weeks of photos that I took all while on my summer vacation.  I had a blast, but it’s always good to be back home.]