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Day 103 – April 12, 2012

Our cucumber’s leaves are gigantic.

Day 101 – April 10, 2012

This is a camera I found in my Nana’s house.  It was in its original box that it had been shipped to her in.  She had never opened it, or opened the camera’s box, or used the camera.  It sat for almost exactly 50 years, in a closet, and was never used.  It’s in my camera collection now, and I don’t use it either.  How sad it must be to be a camera that has never been used, sitting on a shelf surrounded by other cameras that have taken some pretty amazing pictures.  

Day 67 – March 7, 2012

I wanted to do something with flashlight drawing today. This was definitely the best one. 

Day 62 – March 2, 2012

I inherited an Anscoflex II TLR camera from my Grandmother. I even have a lot of the negatives she originally shot from the 1950s on. I haven’t found any 120 film that actually fits into it though. It’s all just a bit too big. I’ve always wanted to use it to shoot with. So today I did just that. Well, the best I could do without actually having film that fits.