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Day 268 – September 24, 2012

Celebratory 22oz Blue Moon and orange slice :)  Good news calls for a big beer.

I haven’t mentioned this on my blog yet, because well, you know how doctors are;  I never really had a for sure answer, I was constantly waiting on test results, and probably also because it was nice keeping one aspect of my life normal – my photo a day, where no one knew I was sick.  Plus I didn’t want to bombard my photo a day shots with pictures of doctor’s offices.  But I was diagnosed with a form of cervical cancer back in June.  Good news today though, after 2 biopsies and 1 surgery, I got the news today I’m cancer free.  


Day 175 – June 23, 2012

Not too much time today.  It’s my husband’s and my 5th wedding anniversary.  So after he poured the pink champagne I took my picture for the day and now it’s time for dinner.  

Day 131 – May 10, 2012

A little late afternoon bubble blowing.  

Day 58 – February 27, 2012

Soap bubbles all smashed together kind of remind me of a looking inside of a kaleidoscope. 

Day 15 – January 15, 2012

Being out of the house all day long is a rare thing for me. However, my Grandma is visiting for a few weeks, and today we spent the whole day shopping. Not the norm for me, but very fun. So what do you do after you get home from shopping all day long? Open a bottle of wine of course. I was able to catch a few bubbles as they made their way to the top of my glass.