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From Blog to Book


I wanted to finish my Blurb book before we moved… so I did! I turned my 366 Day Photo Blog into a book.  I made a 13×11 large landscape version for myself (I wanted a big coffee table book) and a smaller 10×8 version that is more affordable.  Gotta love Blurb!



366 Project Book Update

My Blurb book for the 366 Day Photo Project, which was supposed to be available this month, is behind schedule. My Blurb software updated and all my books vanished. I had backed up the files and they won’t open in the new Blurb software. So I have to start from scratch on something I had been working on 5 minutes a day for the past year. This might take a while. Do not update your Blurb software if you have unfinished books!