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Etsy Shop

I know this isn’t a normal post for me, but for many of you that have been following my 366 project for a while now, or have seen my other blog – From The Attic – you know my Nana has some amazing items from her travels around the world.  I’ve photographed a good deal of them for this project, and her actual travel photographs are in my From The Attic Blog.

She’s been clearing out box after box and my sisters and I got to have what we wanted, but there is still so much left over.  We told her she should sell her precious items so she would have some extra money; then she asked if we would do it for her. :)

So that’s what my sister and I are doing.  I know there are a lot of artists and travelers who collect cool things, that follow this blog so I figured I’d share the link to our Etsy shop.  Maybe you’ll see something you like.



Day 258 – September 14, 2012

I drew this on our chalkboard about a week ago, mocking those bumper stickers that people have with the families on them.  I thought I’d make it part of my 366 Day Photo Project to remember where I was at this point in my life: happy with my husband and 2 dog family.  We’re not anti-child forever, but for now we are proud to say that we are kid free since 2003.