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Day 334 – November 29, 2012

How many people get to drive by random jets while running their errands?


Day 298 – October 24, 2012

Day 296 – October 22, 2012

It’s my husband birthday, and to celebrate his 25th year I named a star for my adorable astrophotographer.  At night we tried to find it in the sky.  We got the general location down, but we couldn’t really see it.  It was too bright in the backyard.  But we know it’s up there – it’s just southeast of the bottom of the small cluster of stars, in the top left of the photo. 

Day 206 – July 24, 2012

Back in January I took a night shot of a plane passing overhead – Day 8.  And I remembered that shot today when I took this shot.  I was fascinated by how small 200 people flying overhead this fluffy cloud could look.

I will try to veer away from the clouds after today.  But it was nice to have them in the sky, and in my shots for a few days.

Day 205 – July 23, 2012

You’ll have to pardon me while I continue my cloud obsession.  We just don’t see them around here very often, so I’m simply taking advantage of them.  Today I loved the clouds reflection in this sky blue colored airplane.  Also, I’m anticipating a few more cloud photos to come.

[side note: I’ve been super busy for a few days, and am looking forward to tomorrow when I can catch up on all the blogs I follow. So hurry and post all those blogs for me so I have something to do tomorrow :)]

Day 151 – May 30, 2012

Our vacation ended today.  We flew back to Arizona.  I wanted to begin and end my vacation days with shots from 32,000 feet in the air.  

Day 134 – May 13, 2012

My husband and I flew to Baltimore, Maryland today to start our summer vacation.  This is the first picture for this project that I didn’t take with my DSLR.  I used my Droid 4’s camera, since I had my DSLR packed in the overhead compartment.  

[side note: I’m officially back and I’ve begun uploading the last few weeks of photos that I took all while on my summer vacation.  I had a blast, but it’s always good to be back home.]

Day 130 – May 9, 2012

Went to the Pima Air and Space Museum today and saw this awesome artwork.  It was wires and paper airplanes suspended from the top of the airplane hanger about 15 feet down.  It was very cool.

Day 105 – April 14, 2012

We have an outdoor aircraft gallery on base.  They’re all real planes except for this piece of art, in the center of all the aircraft.  Since we had big, fluffy clouds in the sky, which is rare, I figured it’d be a good time to take its photograph.  

Day 8 – January 8, 2012

My husband might be in the Air Force all day, but at night he turns into an astronomer.  Recently he’s taken a few lessons from me on night photography, and now he’s an expert on it.  Late last night/early this morning, we took a bunch of night shots together.  I absolutely love the surreal quality that moonlight gives to objects during long exposures.  I also love that the only remnant of a couple hundred people flying over us was a stream of light.