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Check out my Etsy shop

Check out my Etsy shop


From Blog to Book


I wanted to finish my Blurb book before we moved… so I did! I turned my 366 Day Photo Blog into a book.  I made a 13×11 large landscape version for myself (I wanted a big coffee table book) and a smaller 10×8 version that is more affordable.  Gotta love Blurb!

Etsy Shop

I know this isn’t a normal post for me, but for many of you that have been following my 366 project for a while now, or have seen my other blog – From The Attic – you know my Nana has some amazing items from her travels around the world.  I’ve photographed a good deal of them for this project, and her actual travel photographs are in my From The Attic Blog.

She’s been clearing out box after box and my sisters and I got to have what we wanted, but there is still so much left over.  We told her she should sell her precious items so she would have some extra money; then she asked if we would do it for her. :)

So that’s what my sister and I are doing.  I know there are a lot of artists and travelers who collect cool things, that follow this blog so I figured I’d share the link to our Etsy shop.  Maybe you’ll see something you like.

The next week…

For the next 7 days I’ve got an Uncle, Aunt, and 3 cousins visiting.  The normal Northern Arizona tours will be given to Sedona, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon.  So I may be late on my pictures, since I’ll be up north.  But I’ll update my daily pictures at least by next Wednesday.  See you guys later!


I hate titling things. In school some teachers would force you to title your work. I usually did the whole “Untitled 1,” “Untitled 2,” etc. Only because, sometimes I would name it one thing and then BOOM, it became something else to me. So I had floating titles. I am currently trying to “title” this project on the Blurb book that I am making with these pictures. So far I’ve got:

A Leap Year of Photos

A Leap Year in Photos

365 Day Project Turned 366 Day Project

366 Days of Photos

One Photographer’s Year In Pictures

2012: A Year In Photographs

A Photo A Day: 2012

Any other ideas? Any of these any good? 


Photos For Missions

Hello everyone who reads my blog! Quick aside from my 365 Day Photo Project. I’ve collaborated with my younger sister to help her raise money for her upcoming mission trips. I’ve edited the photos she took on her last mission trip and have put them up on my website. Every penny earned from the sale of her photographs goes straight to funding her future mission trips. She currently has one coming up in March 2012. So buy a photo, or donate straight to her, and you’ll be helping her get that much closer to doing some good over in Rwanda. Thank you!!