Day 302 – October 28, 2012

My husband and I write the reason we drank the bottle of wine or champagne on each cork.  Today was a Just ‘Cause kind of day.


9 responses to “Day 302 – October 28, 2012

  1. Shutterbug Sage

    What an awesome idea! And good for having a “just ’cause” kinda day! :) Now I am going to pour myself a glass of red…

    • My Uncle and Aunt gave me the idea. We definitely have more than 1 just cause in our collection. haha. Although we have a lot that say ‘with dinner’ as well. Hope you enjoyed your red wine! :)

  2. I love that…. “just cause” can mean so much…”Just cause I love you” “Just cause it good to be together” man I love that… what a wonderful thing to do…

    • :) It is nice to look over them and see all the different things on them. New Years, On vacation, Christmas Morning champagne, but I think the Just Cause ones are my favorite

  3. We do that ! :-) Got some really faded ones now .
    Love just ’cause

  4. Love that idea. And it’s a great shot. :-)

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