Day 258 – September 14, 2012

I drew this on our chalkboard about a week ago, mocking those bumper stickers that people have with the families on them.  I thought I’d make it part of my 366 Day Photo Project to remember where I was at this point in my life: happy with my husband and 2 dog family.  We’re not anti-child forever, but for now we are proud to say that we are kid free since 2003.

5 responses to “Day 258 – September 14, 2012

  1. You might want to stay that way :-) My youngest is 40 and still giving me fits! Great shot.

  2. Nice one. The only trouble with dogs is you can’t travel abroad with them. Other than that… No, I’m not going to go there. ;)

    • Thanks. Well if we get stationed overseas we can bring our 2 dogs with us. That’s the only way we could travel with them. But we also have a backup and my mom would take them for us if we wanted to go travel. Although she wishes she had actual grandchildren to watch after, but the pups will do for her for now.

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