Day 250 – September 6, 2012

I’ve always wanted one of my photos on a Jones Soda bottle.

Any long time followers remember which one is mine?

12 responses to “Day 250 – September 6, 2012

  1. This is AWESOME, when I was a kid I used to drink Jones Soda’s!

    • Thanks! I used to drink them back in the days when I actually drank soda. I keep a collection of 14 bottles that had cool pictures on them for the art, and to remind me that I used to be able to drink my calories. haha

  2. wouldn’t that be cool?

    • I know! I’ve always wanted to do it. I know you can upload your pictures and they might choose one. And I also know for a fee they can make you a special 4 pack with your picture on it, for like birthdays and things like that. I’ve just never done it. Maybe this will be motivation.

  3. Not been following you long enough obviously as I can’t tell which one… and don’t want to hazard a guess… they all look as though they could be yours…

  4. Ha!…the shoes gave it away…….I knew it…..

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