Day 244 – August 31, 2012

I’m not a morning person, but I actually got up early enough to discover something… my kitchen sink sparkles when the sun rises through the window.

8 responses to “Day 244 – August 31, 2012

  1. LOL … I’m not a morning person either. The photo is great!

  2. I have to be a morning person . . . and I hate it. Neat shot!

  3. There is so much more to discover if you get up early everyday… so much more… I’m up at 4am and love to watch the day start, the movement of the sun, its rays, shadows and colours… so different to later in the day…

    • This is very true. I make it a point anytime on vacation or at a beach, to wake up early at least one day to watch the sunrise. Mainly for the colors. But in general I’ve just never been a very high-functioning morning person.

  4. You must have done your dishes before going to bed….a sparkle in a sparkle sink…well done

    • Oh yes, dishes were done before bed. The hubby and I are a good team and always cook and then clean up dinner to a special playlist for extra motivation, which includes the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson and other amazing artists. It keeps things moving right along.

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