Day 238 – August 25, 2012



8 responses to “Day 238 – August 25, 2012

  1. Sassy… do you feel about being your own model? I find it being hyper sensitive looking at yourself being photographed by yourself…but the modeling rate is great!

    • If I was never my own model I’d be fine with that. Self-portraiture and landscapes are the two things I struggle with the most. Of course every time I’d tell that to a photo teacher, those were the two things they would have me focus on for the semester…lol. Me and my big mouth. I’m too awkward in front of a camera. It took almost 200 tries to get this shot. Mainly because I wasn’t happy with any of the others. I’m sure if someone else had been editing they would have found one in the first 20 shots. I’m already my worst critic on work that doesn’t feature me, and when it does, I’m overly critical. But yes, at the end of the day, even with all that strife, at least it was free strife. haha.

      • I have started using the couple of photos I have posted…it is an odd feeling but using yourself seems natural. it’s just getting over the self critique.

        • Yeah, I’ve noticed that. And it’s great that you feel natural doing it. I haven’t gotten there yet. I’ve told you before that one of my favs is Cindy Sherman, and I’m guessing mainly because she is able to put herself in front of the camera.

  2. I wind up using me a lot, just because I don’t have any kids in the house, the husband isn’t always willing to be my guinea pig, and there are only so many shots I can take of the dogs and cats. I use me for light study on the human face. It’s quite freeing when one finally gets to the point of looking at one’s own photos in a detached way. I’ve gotten that way with my self-portraits.

    This is a great image. Nice composition and use of color.

    • First off, thank you. :) And second off, that is great that you’ve gotten to that point. I definitely haven’t yet. It’s been about 8 years and I still can’t get used to the idea of me in front of the camera, or at least my face. I never know how to look into the camera. But for some reason I’m good at getting other people to look how I want them too into it. Go figure!

  3. This is gorgeous. Love the composition and the perfect details. :-)

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