Day 167 – June 15, 2012

“Just Missing One Piece”

An idea that popped into my head the other day.  I definitely want to refine this idea in the future. 

16 responses to “Day 167 – June 15, 2012

  1. Now you have an outie!

  2. What a great image; super creative!

  3. An interesting image =)

  4. Great editing and concept, if a little creepy.

    • Thank you. I find that most surreal images usually have some creepy undertones, no matter how not creepy they’re supposed to be. I’ve been coming up with surreal images since college and wrote a 20 page paper on surrealism in a graduate class. It’s one of my favorite things to look at, study, come up with, and shoot.

  5. fantastic idea! so creative!

  6. Very clever edit, very creative :-)

  7. You always have the unique ideas.

    • Thank you. I try. I have a sketchbook where I’m constantly writing and sketching ideas that I get. And then every now and then I peek in there to see if there is something I can bring to life for this project.

  8. Very clever and creative. Nice work.

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