Day 160 – June 8, 2012

Today my husband and I spent the afternoon at the lake.  It’s always so nice there.  Only, like a fool, I left my camera on my desk and forget to bring it to the lake.  Thank goodness for 8mp camera phones. 

6 responses to “Day 160 – June 8, 2012

  1. How wonderful. It is still to cold for such activities here. I can’t believe we have the heat on in June. Beautiful photo.

  2. Looks beautiful, a lovely place to go when the weather is hot. Nice phone shot too :-)

    • Oh it is. It’s name is Lake Pleasant, so we always say it’s a very pleasant place to go :) and thanks. I hate doing phone shots when I have a nice dslr sitting at home that i forgot. But at least it’s nice to have a backup.

  3. I am using my iPhone camera more and more. If only I had had one when I was doing my 365!

    • I haven’t been using mine too much, it’s more of a backup for me. It is nice to have though. I just hate not having control over my exposure haha. That’s the anal photographer in me.

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