Day 125 – May 4, 2012

Even in a Walmart parking lot you can find something beautiful. 

12 responses to “Day 125 – May 4, 2012

  1. Pretty. You keep your eyes open and your camera handy, one never knows when the perfect photo will present itself.

    • I know. That’s why I just carry my camera everywhere. Even to Walmart…haha

      • Love that! Even to Walmart. I stay outside while my hubbie goes into stores so I can stay outside and take photos of the plants. People stare, but I don’t really care.

        • Yay, I’m glad I’m not the only one! There was a guy staring at me. He was parked right in front of the tree, and I was bending and kneeling, and moving around trying to get the best shot. At this point, I really don’t care what people think about what I’m doing.

          • I admire your perseverance and style. Yay you for not caring what people think. I try to sometime to do it in stealth mode but having a red camera makes me stick out like more that me and my chair combined. I have come to the conclusion. Now I am dealing with those pretending to understand what it is that I am doing. Yay us!

          • Agreed! Might as well forget about everyone else and do what we love!

  2. Wow! From a parking lot – imagine that. Beautiful shot. :-)

  3. Sometimes you may be surprised where you’d find such beautiful things…you just have to keep your eyes open all the time…great shot!

  4. That is lovely. Nicely isolated from the background.

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