Nominated For An Award

With this being my first blog, I’m not exactly sure what this means, but I was nominated for a blog award, The Sunshine Award.

While I’m honored anyone would think of me, I agree with my blogging friend Joanna in her non-acceptance of any of these nominations or awards.  Nothing against anyone who nominates anyone, because I truly believe that at the heart of those who are nominating others, there are good intentions.  I just agree with Joanna that they’re a bit like the chain e-mails from a decade ago, ‘tell everyone 10 things about yourself and nominate 10 others.’  I tell you all more about me in my daily pictures then 10 random facts could ever tell you, and I’d rather just acknowledge those who nominated me and then use this opportunity to share with you all some of my favorite blogs.  That seems like more fun :)

Since I started this blog on January 1 of this year, I had no idea that in 4 months I would have over 5,000 hits, 263 followers, and have reached over 50 countries.  It has definitely been cool to join the world of photo bloggers.

First things first, a big thank you to L&L Photography for the nomination.  Like I said, it is nice to know others are reading and appreciating your blog.  This is a husband and wife photographing team, which I think is just splendid.  Right now everyday, they have a Flower Of The Day and a Photo of The Day.  Their photographs are very well captured and you can tell there is a great deal of care behind every image.  Basically, they don’t mess around.

Some of My Other Favorite Blogs that I Think You Should Check Out:

Denzil Jennings Photography: I met Denzil at one of our mutual friend’s weddings in December, and we were the two coolest people there, since we were both photographers. :) He told me he was going to attempt a 365 day project, and that gave me the inspiration I needed to go ahead and try it as well.  So all of this is his fault! haha.  Denzil has been capturing some gorgeous pictures while he learns to juggle his busy life and this project.

H20 By Joanna:  Joanna’s was one of the first blogs I found when I was new to the WordPress world.  She is also attempting a 365 Day project, only with a twist.  Every picture she takes has some form of, you guessed it, H20 in the image.  I love that idea, adding a twist to a 365 Day project and making it a little more challenging.  Joanna has been taking all sorts of cool images that include water, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Behind The Lens Photography: Kevin is one of the most recent blogs I started following.  He is journeying into photography, and doing a great job.  I love finding someone who is new to the art who is already getting a very good grasp on things.  You can tell he takes his work seriously, and there are some great images over there.

Focused Moments Photography: Rachael has amazing landscape and nature shots on her site, and I always look forward to what she’ll have up.

365 Photos By Jeremy , Inga Photography, Sarah Takes Pictures, & ShutterbugSage: Four other daily photo project doers.  I love following other’s daily photo journeys to see the differences and the similarities between different people shooting everyday.  These are all great blogs!

So thank you for following my blog, and go ahead and check out these other great photo bloggers.


17 responses to “Nominated For An Award

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me here! Being quite new to blogging, I don’t know anything about these awards but I have experienced what I think may be similar concepts on Flickr and, like you, have avoided participating. I admire the way you do it. You have style! I think I will copy you. I really like the idea of mentioning blogs I like instead. Good for you!

    • Of course! You’ve got amazing images. I too am new to blogging, 4 months in. And I saw all these awards floating around, and to me it seemed like it was mainly a way to tell others about the blogs you really like. And I figured I could do that without having to follow some list of exact rules.

  2. Way to go girl! Thanks for mentioning me in such great way… I really appreciate that! You put it very well into words and thanks for sharing the other blogs with us… although most of them I already follow haha.

    • Thanks! And of course. I’ve already been contemplating doing some sort of 365 Day project in 2013 like yours, with some sort of specific twist. I also really like the idea of the couple that nominated me, they have a photo of a flower a day. I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Although, who knows, by the end of 2012, I might need a break. haha.

  3. Oh that’s why I had so many visitors recently. Thank you so much Victoria for mentioning me in your blog. Your blog is an inspiration and joy to follow. I am amazed that I follow the same blogs you mentioned. That’s really cool! Well thank you again. Look forward to seeing more of your great work!

    • Of course! And thank you, I’m glad people, other than just my family, like my blog. :) That is pretty funny that you follow all the same blogs. They must be the good ones then ;)

  4. I am still in my first month! It’s nice to learn from more experienced bloggers – four months in seems a long way ahead to me! :))

  5. Victoria, thanks for saying such nice things about us (L&L Photography). I agree about the chain letter business etc. I thought of doing pretty much what you said, but let it go. It was fun. I like the fact that you mentioned those great blogs as I too follow some of them. I think this world of blogging is smaller than one might believe. While we started our blog late last year, it wasn’t until recently did we fully understand what we were suppose to do with it. It is because of you and other like you who have sparked the fire, and away it goes. I love it. I love H20s blog and thanks for clarifying what she was doing. I sort of gather it was something like that, but now can stop guessing. What a great idea. Thanks again. For following us and for your comments, which are always appreciated. It is good to hear the good with the bad, in order to grow, evolve, grow some more and pass on what info to others along the way. Cheers!

    • Of course, and thank you for the initial recognition. It is very much appreciated. And I was about to do the whole thing, follow all the rules, and I thought, this could get time consuming if all of the people I follow nominate me and then in turn I nominate them, so I thought I’ll just recognize you guys, and some of my other favorites. Hopefully it helps broaden our little photo bloogers world to more people, because I think you’re right, we’re a smaller group than we think.

  6. Shutterbug Sage

    Congratulations on your award, Victoria, and thanks for the shout out! :)

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  8. I just now saw this. Clearly I’m terribly at keeping up with everyone lol. We were definitely the coolest people at the wedding though hahah. I’m very glad for our chance encounter, and thank you for mentioning me amongst so many fantastic blogs.

    • haha, it’s all good. It takes a lot of time to keep up with the blogging world. Thankfully in Phoenix, in the summer, there’s nothing else to do, since it’s so hot outside, so I’ll be able to keep up for sure. Ps. We’re halfway done! Can you believe it? No more crisis moments, we’re finishing this!

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