Day 119 – April 28, 2012

In this morning’s shade, I went out to take a picture of our newly bloomed Red Hot Poker.  My husband and I had never heard of or seen this flower before when we bought the packets of seeds a few months ago.  It finally bloomed after months and months and it’s gorgeous.  I love the soft gradation of color.

8 responses to “Day 119 – April 28, 2012

  1. The colors are stunning…beautiful flower…don’t know it, but it IS lovely

  2. I have never seen or heard of this plant before. It is very unique.

    • Well at least I know now that my husband and I weren’t the only ones who hadn’t heard of or seen this plant, that makes us feel better. Do a Google image search of Red Hot Poker, and you can see what the whole thing looks like. All of a sudden, one day, these blooms shot straight out of the pointy, green leaves.

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