Day 107 – April 16, 2012

I went to take a picture of these pretty purple flowers my husband has been growing and I freaked out when I realized there was a spider on them.  Any spider that has bright colors usually means bad news, and for me, every spider means bad news, since I’m unnaturally afraid of them.  So I literally took this picture without looking.  I held the camera near the flowers and spider and backed my body up as far as I could. 

15 responses to “Day 107 – April 16, 2012

  1. I can picture you standing there with your camera… as far away as possible from the spider…but still as close as possible to take the shot… hilarious. Still a great shot Victoria!

  2. The spider and the flowers are pretty

    • Thank you! Yeah, even though I can’t look at it without a little shiver going up my spine, I’m surprised at how much detail and color there are in such a small little creature.

  3. Beautiful shot Victoria..

  4. That is one freaky-looking spider! Thanks for following my blog. From a quick look at yours, I am pleased to find a 365er who isn’t posting pictures like ‘this is what I ate for breakfast’. Proper images. Well done!

    • I know, I can’t figure out what it is, or if it was poisonous or not, because I can’t stand to look at all the different pictures of the spiders trying to figure out which one this is. haha. Your ladybug/ant pictures were the first ones I saw and I was like, oh ya, good stuff! And thank you, I’m trying not to take the easy way out. I’m imagining like this was a project in one of my Photography classes, and pictures of breakfast would not do.

  5. Nice shot. get brave and go closer next time. Not a huge fan of spiders myself but they are important. I have shot jumping spiders and they will track your movements and even move toward you. google huntsman spider from australia and you will feel lucky to have that tiny thing.

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