Photographing The World In a Day – May 15, 2012

A side note from my project, I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share it with my WordPress followers:

The goal is to team up and photograph the whole world in one day.  In a news article they mentioned they’ve even collaborated with Mount Everest climbers and scientists in Antarctica.  This sounds like a pretty cool project, and I’ll definitely be participating!  And I think you all should too! 


14 responses to “Photographing The World In a Day – May 15, 2012

  1. Haven’t even read it yet, but I am in!!!

  2. I checked it out also and joined. Great idea. Thanks for sharing it.

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  4. Denzil Jennings Photography

    Well, since I’m taking a photo every day already…. : )

  5. YUP! me too! I’m sure that I can fit in a few shots after work.

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