Day 93 – April 2, 2012

For a while today all I could do was play songs on the piano that I have memorized.  I had an eye appointment today, and they dilated my pupils, leaving my vision blurred and my eyes extremely light sensitive.  While I was playing I realized I could create my daily picture to look exactly like what I was seeing.  I was wearing sunglasses, making everything a little darker, my music, the keys, and my hands were blurry, which made me rely on my brain and fingers to work together to remember something to play. I just had to figure out how to take a picture when I couldn’t see, while I was using both my hands to play, so I held the camera between my chin and chest and put the self-timer on.  Thank goodness I know my camera well enough to know where all the buttons are. 

4 responses to “Day 93 – April 2, 2012

  1. great shot to show how you see the world today …and how you did it! How long will it take before you have a proper sight again?

    • Thank you very much! She said up to 6 hours of light sensitivity. But the blurriness has left. That was about 4 hours worth. Not terribly long, but long enough to remind me how lucky I am to have perfect vision otherwise.

      • We sure are so lucky when we have a perfect or nearly perfect vision; how on earth would we be able to take pictures ;)
        Glad to hear you are doing fine and have normal sight again :D

  2. I know! That’s why I go in once a year to get my vision checked. My family has terrible eye history, cataracts, astigmatisms, bad vision in general, and my husband found out that he had astigmatisms and didn’t even know it. Like you said, since vision is such a huge part of what we do, I want to make sure I catch any problems early on. And I am very happy to be seeing normally again!

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