Day 82 – March 22, 2012

On Friday we hiked 3 miles down into the Grand Canyon.  We stopped and ate lunch right on the edge of this cliff, with this view in front of us.  It was breathtaking.  A few minutes into lunch we made a new friend.  We named her Irma the squirrel.  She came right up to us and started eating anything that had fallen, mainly small pieces of trail mix.  She grabbed a pretzel right by my leg, and ran to the edge of our cliff, sat there, and ate it.  I thought that our view alone was good enough for my picture for the day.  Irma decided to make it better. 

2 responses to “Day 82 – March 22, 2012

  1. Dear Victoria: I like still life and sound. When I was at the Grand Canyon a thunderstorm reverberated off the walls as it passed me by perhaps a half a mile below. I couldn’t believe it. what would you suggest for lunch the next time i am there? It is breakfast time. Marc Marrs

    • I am always overwhelmed every time I visit the Grand Canyon. I am still always surprised at the majesty of it. For lunch next time I recommend a homemade trail mix filled with whatever your heart desires, beef jerky, and a small can of mandarin oranges.

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