Day 62 – March 2, 2012

I inherited an Anscoflex II TLR camera from my Grandmother. I even have a lot of the negatives she originally shot from the 1950s on. I haven’t found any 120 film that actually fits into it though. It’s all just a bit too big. I’ve always wanted to use it to shoot with. So today I did just that. Well, the best I could do without actually having film that fits. 

6 responses to “Day 62 – March 2, 2012

  1. Denzil Jennings Photography

    Very cool. I’ve never shot film, or even used a film camera besides a disposable.

    • Holy crap man! You need to do it. Digital is crap compared to film. Like complete junk. I shot in film for 10 years before I even got a cheap 5mp digital camera. I just got my digital camera like 3 years ago. But I have about 10 film cameras…lol. Film is king. Darkroom is the boss!

  2. I am pretty sure that old Anscoflex takes 620 size film, and that was discontinued some time in the 1970’s

    • You’re right. In the manual it says “Ansco 620 film.” I had a teacher tell me he fit 120 film into a camera that took 620 though. So whenever I would get my hands on some 120 I would see if it fit. It never did. He must have either been really lucky, really stupid, or mistaken…lol

      • What you need to do is get two (2) old 620 spools. your camera might have one already. then do into a light tight room and unwind the 120 from it’s spool and rewind to the 620 spool. Lots of people that have found those wonderful old cameras have done it that way for years. sometimes one spends quite sometime in the dark space, but ya gotta be patient and when frustration starts – keep thinking how much fun it will be to make some pictures with that camera. Hopefully you have someone that can process the roll for ya. if you take it to a Lab be sure to tell ’em you want the spool back.

  3. Maybe that’s what my teacher was talking about. I definitely didn’t realize that. But that makes perfect sense. I could definitely do that though! Awesome! Thanks!

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