I hate titling things. In school some teachers would force you to title your work. I usually did the whole “Untitled 1,” “Untitled 2,” etc. Only because, sometimes I would name it one thing and then BOOM, it became something else to me. So I had floating titles. I am currently trying to “title” this project on the Blurb book that I am making with these pictures. So far I’ve got:

A Leap Year of Photos

A Leap Year in Photos

365 Day Project Turned 366 Day Project

366 Days of Photos

One Photographer’s Year In Pictures

2012: A Year In Photographs

A Photo A Day: 2012

Any other ideas? Any of these any good? 


5 responses to “Titles?

  1. Denzil Jennings Photography

    I hate naming things too, especially individual photos. I’ve considered simply naming the book “2012,” but will probably go with “2012: my year in photographs,” or something to that effect. On the bright side, you’ve still got plenty of time to ponder the title :P

  2. I always prefer simple…in would say “2012: through my lens”…I would probably just keep 2012 on the front cover and maybe have a subtitle on the first page?

  3. Good plan. And see Apple doesn’t have all the answers with their crappy, expensive technology…haha

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